Story Spotlight – Climate Change and Swimming

Posted by theministry on 9th April 2024

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As part of our Time To Write term this spring, the young people from our Community Writing Labs were challenged to write about things they’re passionate about and perform them at our end of term sharing. Here are two such pieces from Amelia and Rafael.

Climate Change by Amelie

Climate change
It was different days
The Earth is warming
Bees used to be swarming
Ice caps are melting
While the sun is setting
We have to do something
Instead of nothing
You should be listening
Ignoring is sickening
We can’t wait no longer
For the Earth is a goner
What are you doing?
Seas are brimming
And we’ll all be swimming
Why aren’t you listening?
Use your ears
And open your eyes
Like you are using a very sharp knife
Forests are flaming
And we are complaining
Except you do nothing about it
Just sit down and think:
Climate change.

Swimming by Rafael

The most annoying thing in this world – which everyone agrees with – is SWIMMING.
Nobody likes it because it has negative 100 degrees water. (I bought a temperature thing, and dived down to the deep depths of the cold pool.)
The water is even colder than the Arctic ocean.
The water is colder than icecream.
The water is colder than a freezer.
The deep pool is so cold, that even penguins can’t survive. They would freeze to death! I survive by wearing extra extra extra exxxtraaa layers of swimming clothes.
The water smells like pee. It has crusty walls with the paint peeling off.
I want to demolish the swimming pool and replace it with a big football pitch.
I bet some people [like me] hate swimming.
Random people like to pee in the pool, so the pool looks green. I hate the pool when it is green!
Many pools have broken pipes, and bad life guards, who leave you when you need help.
The swimming teachers teach you the same thing you learnt last week. It’s so unhelpful.
None of my friends go swimming, and I only have one friend there.
In the swimming pool toilets, everything is SO unhygenic! I bet nobody likes swimming, and if you swimming, and if you do, I will hunt you, and try and make you change your mind.


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