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Our shop for monsters

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Purveyor of quality goods for the Living, Dead and Undead

Whether you’re a Vampire, Werewolf, Sasquatch or something else entirely, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has everything you need.

We were voted ‘No. 1 Kids’ Shop in London’ by Time Out Magazine and feature in their guide to the 100 best shops in London.

Serving the monster community since 1818, the store opened to humans in 2010. Since then, all proceeds help to fund Ministry of Stories writing programmes for children and young people.

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Service with snarl

Est. 1818

Presenting Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Fearless shopkeeper Paul presents the shop's history and products from guts and garlic chutney to sugar-dusted bogies and its award-winning range of tinned fear.

It’s dead good

Shop in-store and online

Partial to a daub of Brain Jam on your morning toast? Running low on tins of fear or need a Death certificate? Visit us in store on Hoxton Street:

  • Tuesdays – Fridays (1-5pm)
  • Saturdays (11am – 5pm)

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An Ancient Curse

Reluctantly funding young writers since 2010

Due to an Ancient Curse, the shop donates all its profits to Ministry of Stories. Behind Hoxton Street Monster Supplies’ secret door, you will find the stockroom bustling with the wild imaginations of young writers.

Community writing labs

We run free writing programmes for local children and young people from age 8+.

Sneak behind the secret door

Amazing stories by young writers

We believe in the power of the ideas, creativity and imaginations of young people.

Enjoy their wild imaginings    

Monster Mail service

Monster-human letter exchange

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies also offers the world’s only monster-human letter exchange, where the young and young-at-heart can write to one of five lonely monsters, and receive an original reply.

Visit in-store or buy a letter writing pack online to pen a letter to Himani the Yeti, Elgorn the Dragon, or Pudding the in-the-cupboard Gremlin. They eagerly await your reply.

Explore our Monster Mail service

Are you fearless WITH A LIMB OR TWO TO SPARE?

We’re recruiting!

We need morbid mortals to keep Hoxton’s monstrous community stocked with their daily essentials, and to serve and unwelcome the odd human customer as volunteer shopkeepers.

You’ll become an expert in products like Banshee Balls and Cubed Earwax. We ask that you have basic level Zombie and English language skills.

Volunteer, if you dare

School projects

Every purchase helps keep our writing programmes free for local children

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