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Help us inspire a generation of storytellers by giving a few hours a week or month to support young writers in east London

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Add a little adventure to your week

  • Becoming a writing mentor at Ministry Of Stories or a shopkeeper at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies are two of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities in London.
  • You will directly help children to develop their imaginations, skills and self-confidence, whilst supporting a brilliant east London community.
  • You will become part of our family. We will get to know you, support your learning and experience, and you’ll have our thanks and good fun along the way.

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Volunteer roles

Inspire young writers

Become a writing mentor

Support and encourage young writers as part of our community writing labs and school programmes. You don't need to be a writer or an experienced mentor. Good listeners and encouragers needed. Monday – Fridays (usually afternoons) and Saturdays (morning or afternoon).

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Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Help run a shop for monsters

Become a shopkeeper or online clerk for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, selling Bespoke and Everyday Items to the Dead, Living and Undead. Thursday & Friday (afternoons) and Saturdays (morning or afternoon).

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We know it’s a big commitment to volunteer and you are bound to have lots of questions, so please also explore these Frequently Asked Questions.

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Our volunteer experience

Minister of the Month


What has been unexpected?

Something I was a little surprised by was how quickly I felt at home – not only with the kids, but with the mentors and the rest of the team too. Everyone was really welcoming and open and lovely, and it almost feels like I’m part a secret society of fellow weirdos.

Has volunteering changed your life at all?

It’s made me a lot more confident. Not only confident in myself, but in the things I do as well; I feel like since I’ve started volunteering, I’ve started taking on more fun creative projects, and trying out new things. Because if you see so many youngsters putting themselves out there, you think to yourself: “why can’t I do that too?”

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