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Helping even more young people to tell their story.


We work in partnership with a diverse range of Trusts and Foundations to achieve our vision. Every single one has a distinct set of priorities and unique story behind why they support our work.

So whether your charitable motivations focus on children and young people, writing, education, the arts or communities facing disadvantage – together we can meet your funding needs and make a positive change.

Below are just a few examples of the work Trusts and Foundations have made possible.


The Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

The Trust was set up in memory of Tom ap Rhys Pryce by his family, friends, fiancé and colleagues at Linklaters LLP. It exists to help tackle the root causes of violent street crime in London by helping disadvantaged young people see the potential value of their own lives and therefore the lives of others too.


Since 2016, the Trust has made an annual donation to Ministry of Stories’ Community Writing Labs; ensuring thousands of young writers can find their voice and write brighter futures for themselves.  


Fagus Anstruther Memorial Trust

The late Sir Ian Anstruther founded this Trust in memory of his brother, Fagus Anstruther, who sadly passed away aged 15 after suffering life changing injuries from an accident as a young child. Like Ministry of Stories, the Trust believes in the power of writing and creativity to change the lives of young people facing disadvantage. 


The Trust has been a supporter of Ministry of Stories since 2013; making an unrestricted donation every year that can be used to support our young writers wherever the need is greatest.


The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington

The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington is a charity associated with the Mercers’ Company; a livery company with a 700 year history of philanthropy and charitable giving that is committed to creating a positive change in some of the most disadvantaged communities.  

In 2020 Ministry of Stories began a 3 year partnership with the Mercers’ Company. Together we co-created Writing Brighter Futures, an ambitious new programme for a consortium of schools in Tower Hamlets that will reimagine how we support schools, teaching staff and their students.

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