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We want to celebrate the people and organisations who have supported our storytelling mission. We’re grateful to all our advocates, Official Ministers, regular donors, corporate partners and everyone who has supported Ministry of Stories since we founded in 2010.


At Ministry of Stories we are grateful to everyone who supports our storytelling mission.

We’re proud to be supported by the following funders:

  • Arts Council England
  • Charles S French Charitable Trust
  • Jack Petchey Foundation
  • JAR Charitable Trust
  • Loughborough University Community Fund
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Rachel Hood 1978 Trust
  • Sherborne in the Community
  • Shoreditch and Hoxton Art Fund
  • The Breadsticks Foundation
  • The Fagus Anstruther Memorial Trust
  • The Mercers’ Company on behalf of The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington
  • The Youth Investment Fund – Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the National Lottery Community Fund
  • Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust
  • Young Londoners Fund

Corporate supporters

We work with many local and national businesses who offer their expertise, time, staff and, importantly, donations.

Companies that currently support our story mission:

  • Alfa
  • Amazon Literary Partnership
  • Co-op Foundation
  • Citywire
  • Mintel
  • Virgin Money Foundation
  • We Made This

Individual supporters and advocates

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference to the children we work with. Individuals who show vim, vigour and who go on to develop a very special relationship with Ministry of Stories may be invited to apply for Official Ministerial Status or to become a member of our Stationery Department. Please contact for more information.

Thanks to you all!

  • First Minister – Nick Hornby
  • Minister for Fluency – Colin Firth
  • Minister for Literary Pleasures and Sorrows – Alain de Botton
  • Minister of Many Colours – Peter Usborne
  • Minister for the Upbeat and Feelgood – Kristina Knoll
  • Minister for the Sinister – Chris Ward
  • Most Excellent Guardian of the Limerick – Jim Leaviss
  • Ministers for Edgar Allen Poe and all his books – James and Jane Wilson
  • Minister for Pencil Sharpenings – Cornelia Parker
  • Nibmaster General – Mark Stevenson
  • Chief Secretary to the Treasury Tags – Joe Hallgarten
  • Master of Monsters’ Staples – Paul Bennun
  • Minister for Turquoise Pens – Frances Booth
  • Joint Secretaries of State for Nice New Notebooks – Hannah Pennell and Richard Young
  • Minister for Expensive Book Binding – Martin Schoernig

Our other very lovely donors including, Nick Hornby, Peter Barron, Régis Cochefert, James and Miriam Douglas, Maureen Smith, Jeannie Latenser and Tim Stumpff.

…and all our donors who wish to remain anonymous. You know who you are. Thank you!


Thanks to all

How you can help

To find out how donations help inspire a nation of young writers, and how you could be a part of the Ministry’s future, please email

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