Monster Supplies
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Sell Everyday Items to the Dead, Living and Undead

You can volunteer at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies as a shopkeeper or an online order clerk.


We need morbid mortals to keep Hoxton’s monstrous creatures stocked with their daily essentials, and also serve and unwelcome the odd human customer too.

two female shopkeepers laugh with each other at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

As a shopkeeper, you’ll become an expert in products like Banshee Balls, Cubed Earwax and the shop’s range of Tinned Fear. You’ll quickly become accustomed to explaining the origins, concoction, benefits and side effects of products to the tourists, and local dead, living and undead. We ask only that volunteers have basic level Zombie and English language skills.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies can provide lots of opportunities to build customer service, communication and retail skills. References are also available for longer term, dedicated and punctual volunteers.

Online order clerk

Because monsters all over the country need supplies too…

Bottle of 'Salt made from tears' product range at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies (photo: Gavin and Jason Fox)

Are you mortal? Familiar with the World Wide Web? No, it’s not something that’s been spun by a giant spider for capturing dragons. Some of the shop’s human and more gruesome customers have been using it to purchase our unique products online.

We need a few human creatures, with good brains in their heads, to help sort, pack and post orders. You will get full training on what to do and we provide volunteers with the odd cup of witches brew to see you through the session. If you would like some experience working for a charity but don’t like the idea of being maimed or eaten then this role is perfect for you.

About Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

The shop is open Thursday and Friday 1pm – 5pm and Saturday 11am – 5pm. Sessions begin and end 15 minutes each side of our open hours, and Saturday shifts are divided in two (10:45am-2pm, 2pm-5:15pm).

Invisible customers shopping in Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

All its profits are donated to the Ministry of Stories to help us to provide free writing programmes to children and young people in east London.

More about the shop.