Generosity: a poem

Posted by theministry on 1st July 2020

For Volunteers’ Week 2020, we want to share this beautiful poem by Eliada, aged 13, as a message of appreciation for all our volunteers, who give their time, energy, creativity and care to support young writers.


By Eliada

She gives and gives but often gets nothing back,
they take her things and ridicule her and never cut her some slack.
She is never bothered by what they say,
she still wants to keep giving to them everyday.

Her eyes are beautiful blue pools and she has golden blonde hair,
she can lock eyes with you with the most stunning stare.
She always has bags full of lovely treats, ready to share with the world
but sometimes her gifts are broken and hurled.

Generosity doesn’t care,
she’ll share her gifts anywhere.
Maybe in time she might find someone just like her,
someone to share her own life with.

Eliada wrote this poem as part of an online poetry course for young writers at Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools in Tower Hamlets, happening during lockdown.

The poem was inspired by poet Simon Mole’s ‘Favourite Word’ exercise where he suggests using a word to create a character.

We thought about words we like, words that annoy us, and words we’ve been hearing a lot lately.

Thank you for all the time you give to support our young writers and wishing you a very Happy Volunteers’ Week.

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