Connected, Poems from Lockdown

Posted by Lottie Rugg-Easey on 10th July 2020

Ministry of Stories is thrilled to share the first of four anthologies created during the lockdown in London.

Connected was written by poets from Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools (aged 11-16) who were sent poetry prompts each week and given feedback on their work by our volunteer writing mentors.

Their poems are courageous, moving, witty and full of heart. They hold people, places and objects that the writers want to celebrate or remember. They hold the frustration of lockdown and the longing for distant places and friends. They hold real and imagined landscapes, gothic twists and words turned into characters: Generosity, Eternity, Justice. They hold protest. They show us how to live in difficult times.

Congratulations to all our poets!

Click the cover image below to read the book.


Here is an introduction from poet Miriam Nash for Bishop Challoner School:

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