Star Stories 

Posted by theministry on 15th May 2024

The pupils from Woolmore School brought the galaxy to earth this month with their very own space newspaper. 

‘Two days ago, an unexpected event occurred between Earth and Venus. A significant astronomer and scientist, Mitchell Symons, spotted a magnificent star explosion. Scientists are sending an alert to people because it is heading to earth and there is a possibility that people could melt.’

This spring, pupils from Year 5 classes at Woolmore school worked with our fantastic facilitator, Michelle McMahon, to create a fully fledged eight page newspaper all about space. 

A newspaper lays spread out on a grey background. The articles feature a new space helmet and an advert about life on mars.


The creative writing project borrowed themes from the curriculum (‘Let’s Learn About Stargazers’) and challenged the young people to create reimagined news reports, space-tacular advertisements and futuristic features, including an exclusive on the latest must-have space helmet. 

The young people were inspired and energised to write by Michelle’s fun and playful sessions which used drama activities like freeze frame, hot-seating, and thought tunnels to help bring their stories to life and develop oracy skills. 

Jen, Deputy Head said; “The paper looks amazing. I just brought copies up to the Year 5 teachers and they were SO excited.Thank you so much to you, Michelle and everyone at Ministry of Stories. We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and everything that lead up to it.”

Download the Woolmore Stargazers newspaper here and get lost in a fantastical future. 

Woolmore Stargazers

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