Goodbye and Thank You

Posted by theministry on 18th November 2021

After six years of expertly steering the Ministry of Stories through sun-filled days and choppy waters we say goodbye to our friend and Chair of the Board, Régis Cochefert.

Régis Cochefert, our Chair for the past six years, has been responsible for forming and developing the skilled and determined Board we have today, and together with this dedicated group of fantastic trustees, has seen our small but mighty charity go from strength to strength.

Under Régis’ leadership, Ministry of Stories has been able to grow-up, without losing all the joy, fun and mischief that comes with being young.

Along the way, he has overseen some of our most exciting projects – including his personal favourite, Unexpected Poetry – helping us engage with our local community, putting us right in the heart of Hoxton.

He is also always happy to read his favourite piece of writing by Riziky, A French alpaca walked into an opticians and is a true champion of our young writers, cheering them on their way to write a brighter future for themselves.

During Régis’ last weeks of service, our Founder and First Minister, Nick Hornby bestowed upon him the Ministerial Title of ‘Diplomatic Attaché For French Optimism, Tickled Imaginings, and Controversial Commas’ and thus he shall ever be known as he joins our Official Ministerial Cabinet.

Looking to the future

As Régis moves on to pastures new on our 11th Birthday (19 November), we are proud to announce that one of our current Vice Chairs, Michaela Greene, will be stepping into the role as our new Chair of the Board.

Michaela Greene Chair

Michaela Greene, new Chair of the Ministry of Stories


Michaela, currently Partnerships and Impact Director at the Roundhouse, will take on the role after almost six years serving as a trustee. She brings with her expert knowledge of the Ministry of Stories and a real belief in the power and potential of young people.

Michaela says; “From the moment I joined the Board, I loved it. Ministry of Stories is such a unique organisation and has such an exciting vision to unlock the talent and power of young people, particularly those with less access to resources.”

She adds; “Young people have remarkable creative talent, and yet the arts and creative writing are being squeezed out of the curriculum and many families don’t have time or access to the resources and activities to help their children to grow these valuable skills outside of school. Anything we can do as a Board to ensure that the charity is not only still here in the future but can expand and grow the number of young people we can work with to become the writers of the future is why I’m honoured to be involved.”

Régis agrees; “These six and a bit years have flown by – and I am really proud of the work of the Ministry of Stories and of the way the Board supports and challenges the charity. I have no doubt the organisation will continue to grow and thrive under Michaela’s leadership.”



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