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A French alpaca walked into an optician… By Riziky


Bounjour, I am ze alpaca. Famous for my fancy walk in the French optician.

So what happened was, I was walking in the ville when I saw a shop that said:



A new optician


So I decided, pourquoi pas? I kicked ze door open, a beam of light hit my

furry face. All eyes on me! Get it? Opticians? Eye? Anyways. I danced in,

strolled to the desk.

“Bounjour! I saw your advertisement for ze job, I am here to apply.”

At least, that’s what I think I said, because the man at the office looked at

me like I was an animal! When I thought he was going to let me in, he picked up

the phone. He thought I was stupid.

I knew who he was calling!

A model agency. I know I am so beautiful, you can’t resist!

But the next thing I know, I am being captured and put in a van. Probably

how they choose models. My eyes are throbbing now, I wonder why…?