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Releasing words into the world


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We've been supporting young people to write a brighter future for over ten years. You can help more children start their story today. Find out how:

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As the first signs of spring emerged, our young writers work took root in our community. Popping-up in cafes, schools, tree-tops and bus stops across Hackney.

Some pieces existed for just minutes while others can still be found today.

The pieces were written and envisioned by our 8-15 year olds – who take part in our weekly Community Writing Labs – and brought to life by award-winning design agency make:good.

“I feel proud to see my poem out in the world! Ministry of Stories has helped me achieve stuff in life that I didn’t know I could achieve. It has unlocked a part of my imagination that I didn’t know I even had. Before I was coming in, I just thought it was a normal writing club. I thought it was going to be writing and boring. But when I got in I thought – oh my gosh, this is actually really good!”

Cian, aged 10