Sounds from Randal Cremer Primary School

Posted by theministry on 13th May 2014

Our group at Randal Cremer Primary School were challenged to write about whatever they wanted to.

Luckily for us they’ve recorded their work and it is available to listen to HERE!

Topics range from Love to Wasting and The Environment and the pieces have been spoken, sung and rapped by the participants themselves.  We hope you enjoy them.

Many thanks to all the wonderful Writing Mentors who helped on this project and to Matt Hill for his incredible editing skills.

Click on the links below:

A Little Girl, by Amira and Oradie

Environment, by Rakim

Love, by Oradie

Rap, by Yannis

School Time, by Annabel, Natalie and Gyulier

Song, by Ada

Sounds, by Rakim

Wasting, by Busra and Gyulier

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