Share More Air launched!

Posted by theministry on 22nd November 2013

Last night was the amazing end point of our year-long songwriting project, Share More Air.

Share More Air is a unique collaboration between Communion Records, the Ministry of Stories and 56 children aged 8-13 from east London.  The album is about cats on missions, friends and enemies, and loving your mum.

It’s what happens when words and stories written by children are filtered through the music and voices of grown up song-writers to make an extraordinary collection of songs.

At a packed launch event at Shoreditch House, children involved in the project saw live performances of three of the songs from the album.

Tom Williams sang Vinnie the Cat by Luke; then Jamie Parisio performed Elements by Paul; and finally Ben Fletcher sang I Know Where Everything Is by Clarissa, Leslie and Emmanuella.

Young lyricists shared the stage and the signing table with the musicians who had turned their words into beautiful songs.

Our writers shared their experience of writing words and seeing them transformed into a song, whilst the musicians talked about the originality and the extraordinary imagination and perception of the lyrics that they had been given.

You can get a behind the scenes glimpse of what went on in this making of video.

And if you’re looking for the ideal gift for Christmas, look no further.

The album is available for sale here as a limited edition CD for £12, or as a download from iTunes.

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