Now we are twelve

Posted by theministry on 17th November 2022

It’s been a cracking year of taking fun seriously.

From escape rooms to monster marches and fresh zines to school celebrations we’ve had an incredible year of ambitious creativity from our young writers.

To celebrate, we asked our friend and Writing Facilitator Michael of Spaghetti Club fame to share some fun, birthday themed writing prompts to get our imaginations fired-up and remind us of just how powerful writing can be. Here’s what he had to say:

By my 12th birthday I was a self made billionaire. I had everything except the one thing I really wanted, a solid writing prompt. While stuffing myself with cake I wrote the ones below as a personal treat. They worked out quite well. Every answer I scrawled became a bestselling novel.

Only joking, but maybe your prompt could. Give them a go.

Love Michael (Spaghetti Club)

Share your writing with us 

  • Brawling Presents

Write a huge fight between the best gift you ever gave and the best gift you ever received. The fight may trash various cities and forests, or it can be more of a small scuffle, as you please. Pick a winner.

  • Fictious Gifting 

Pick out three of your favourite characters from fiction (or film). Throw in one you don’t like too. Believe it or not, they all have the same birthday. Write what gifts they get for each other and their secret thoughts about what they received.

  • Gift Refusal

Write a story about a child who refused all gifts until their 12th birthday. When their 12th Birthday finally arrived, they made a strange request.

  • Future Birthday Party 

Write a story about a birthday party which is set in the year 3000. Don’t make any reference to it being the future until the last line.

  • A Gift for Yourself

Write a list of five things you really love, then put them in a single short story. This is a sort of unique gift to yourself.

  • The Worst Gift Ever

Pick a dull item from the room and wrap it up. Unwrap it and pretend it’s the most exciting gift imaginable. Write a report about how well you acted, and how your acting might be improved should you ever find yourself in the same situation again.

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