Zine all about it!

Posted by theministry on 1st June 2022

From Ninjas, lost cats* and Pineapples that sell lemonade, our young writers have been whipping up some adventurous Zines.

This spring we have been exploring the wonderful world of zines with our Community Writing labs.

According to the Oxford-Cambridge dictionary a Zine is ‘a small magazine that is produced cheaply by one person or a small group of people, and is about a subject they are interested in.’ Our writers have been running with that idea and sharing their interests and passions with friends and family at our Zine Fair.

Cian 12, said he sold “three in 2-seconds!” of his zine Jade in the Shade.

Hivda, 9, added; “My Zine was sold out and I feel good because I’m happy that other people liked the story.”

Why not have a go at creating and folding your own zine.

*The cat was found safely in Writing Mentor Maxine’s house

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