Celebrate Good Times!

Posted by Volunteer Administrator on 21st July 2022

Ministry Of Stories and the Poplar Partnership Schools celebrated a year of young people’s creative writing on Tuesday July 12th.

Over 100 pupils from seven Poplar primary schools joined our jam-packed event, kindly hosted by Spotlight youth centre.

Pop up creative writing stalls included a mysterious Story Pick’n’Mix, some enticing Unfinished Sentences and a sprawling One-Word Story. Multiple writing workshops also took place around the centre, led by our amazing Writing Facilitators, and resulting in a world of ideas tumbling out onto pages. These included:

  • A radioactive oak tree
  • An all-knowing disc from the year 58AD
  • A magic glitter duck whose powers deactivate in water

The energetic event ended with a sharing from all ten of the children’s writing projects completed with Ministry of Stories over the last the year, including a snappy short poetry film, a deadline grabbing newspaper article and a live script reading.

  Photography by Jonathan Perugia


Featuring the imaginations of pupils from:

  • Bygrove Primary School 
  • Lansbury Lawrence Primary School
  • Manorfield Primary School 
  • Marner Primary School 
  • Mayflower Primary School
  • Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School 
  • St Saviour’s Primary School
  • Stebon Primary School
  • Wellington Primary School 
  • Woolmore Primary School 

A smiling pupil reaches her hand into a silver bucket with a colourful sign on it that says 'Dilemmas'.

Ministry of Stories Director Rob Smith described the event as

A true celebration of a remarkable year of creative writing. The creativity bursting out of the young writers in the Poplar Partnership Schools has been incredible to see. We can’t wait to see where the programme takes us next year.


This event was the culmination of the first year of a three year project, generously supported by the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington. 

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