New monster jewellery lets wearers express ghastly feelings

Posted by theministry on 1st November 2012

Afraid of letting your inner monster loose?

Fear not, a new limited-edition range of jewellery from Tatty Devine and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies features monstrous phrases to let everyone know just how you feel without uttering a word.

The handmade collection is the perfect way to express ghastly feelings for the vocally challenged or when there are just no other words to suffice.

The range includes a Grrrr Necklace; crafted from slime resistant, wipe clean malachite-substitute, perfect for trolls, ogres, and other beautiful beasts. Its tiny size is perfect for even the most miniature of monsters.

An Aarghhh Necklace, crafted from recently-petrified forests, is the ideal way to express pent up frustration, whilst the Uurghhh Necklace and Kilt Pin Brooch, made from sustainably sourced human bones, is perfect for those feeling a little zombified, or Mummies who feel they can’t get a word in edgeways.

urgh necklaceargh necklace

Harriet Vine, artistic director and co-founder of Tatty Devine, says: “It’s not every day you get asked to design jewellery for monsters, and it definitely helped chomping on cubed earwax and zombie mints from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. After investigating many monsters, we eventually decided on using words in the jewellery as Tatty Devine is all about expressing yourself whether you’re a monster or not.”

The jewellery will be available from Tatty Devine and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, from Tuesday 6th November. Keep your eyes peeled!
gr necklace

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