How to bottle an emotion and sell it

Posted by theministry on 24th June 2013

Recently, we were lucky enough to work with Year 7 writers from the Bridge Academy on a 6 week long project called Bottled Emotions.

Pupils were given the task of creating a new product for our shop (Hoxton Street Monster Supplies) and to develop advertising to help sell it.

Pupils worked in groups and sessions were lead by Martin Jackson, a professional copy writer and poet, who shared what it’s like to be writing for real life advertisements on a daily basis.

Images were expertly created using pupils’ briefs by volunteer illustrators Jon Lander and Payal Wadhwa, who worked overnight to produce advertisements that closely followed the criteria set out by the groups of children.  You can see some of their work below.

After the completion of the workshops students were challenged with pitching their ideas to a panel at the Ministry of Stories.  Pupils did brilliantly, each bringing something special to their presentation.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the class teacher, our volunteer writing mentors, illustrators, our guest designer Alistair Hall and young writers for their hard work.

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