We Belong In A Museum!

Posted by Bhavani Esapathi on 5th October 2017

On October 7th both the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and Ministry of Stories are taking a trip to the Museum of London for a day. As part of the museum’s Festival of Radical Fun, one of the many Fun Palaces events up and down the country, we’ve been invited to get stuck in with their Victorian themed event and we are very excited to do so!

The whole family is welcome at the museum’s Victorian event, so do come along and don’t forget to drop-in at our two stalls. The Monster Supplies will be setting up shop in a highly atmospheric Victorian lane selling to any monsters that attend the event, presumably there to reminisce of their glory days, although we may serve to the human visitors too if the monsters don’t grab everything first.

At the same time the Ministry of Stories will be inviting the smaller, more delicious humans, to conjure up their creative spirits for some creative writing exercises where they’ll be answering the important question; what would a normal day be like for a Victorian monster? We believe that a trip through the Victorian lane will have them excited to produce some truly wonderful writing.

Being invited to work with the museum alongside other creative outlets for this event is an extremely fun opportunity. The Victorian era was rife with many fantastical stories and gruesome (and rather handsome) monsters at a time of great uncertainty about the future. The Monster Supplies relishes any such environment that cultivates the spirit it encourages to all who walk through its door and the Ministry of Stories is always glad to be in a space that brings out the best of the creative mind.

So while we’re busy with the final touches for our plans, mark October 7th in your diary with a trip to the Museum of London and step into a historical lane with some friendly faces that you know and some you don’t. See you there!

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