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Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently only recruiting shop volunteers. To be added to a waiting list as a Writing Mentor or other role, please email Dorothy at

Help us unleash young imaginations.

We need volunteers for all our community writing labs and school programmes.

Workshops are typically two hours long with 30-minute briefing and debrief sessions before and after.

We run programmes throughout the school year, after clubs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and occasional special projects during school holidays.

Writing mentors

You can help young people explore writing and get excited about the stories they want to tell. Since 2010, our team of writing mentors have inspired and built the writing confidence of hundreds of children, nurturing their self expression and literacy skills.  

Writing mentor with two students in workshop (photo: Tom Oldham)

They have helped the children create their own country with laws, a secret service and a soft rock national anthem – produced an album sold on iTunes and Amazon – and written Monty Python inspired comedy sketches in partnership with BBC History.

You don’t need to be a professional writer or have worked with children before. We provide full training and all we ask for is oodles of enthusiasm for the task of supporting and encouraging our young writers. 

‘Chief’ impersonators

Our popular Storymaking workshop simply would not work without the grumpy, bad-tempered ‘Chief’.

Interior of the Ministry's main workshop space (photo: Alistair Hall)

During our Storymaking workshops, students are invited to write fantastic stories, with the help of writing mentors, and to disprove the Chief’s assumption that children cannot write great stories.

Every once in a while, we ask writing mentors to play the role of the ‘Chief’ from the comfort of a private office, giving orders over the tannoy, demanding the next bestseller.


Imagine the satisfaction of making a book called Green Wobbly Things Dancing.

Publishers transform children’s stories and illustrator’s drawings into brilliantly bound books during our weekly Storymaking workshops. This means all the children get to leave with their very own published manuscript.

You need to be a fast worker and well-organised with basic computer skills. This is an important job that involves printing and binding 30 books in a session. Often, Writing Mentors volunteer as Publishers too every few months.