Share More Air

Posted by theministry on 28th June 2020

A unique collaboration between Communion Records, the Ministry of Stories and 56 children aged 8-13 from east London.

Share More Air is an album about cats on missions, friends and enemies, and loving your mum.

It’s what happens when words and stories written by children are filtered through the music and voices of grown up song-writers to make an extraordinary collection of songs.

Making of Share More Air

All profits from the sale of this album go to support free writing workshops for young people at the Ministry of Stories.

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How songs were written

During the project 56 children aged 8-13 explored songwriting and the different stories that lyrics can tell at the Ministry of Stories, with the help of songwriters Rachael Castell and Danilo Walde.

There are all kinds of ways to write a song. As Bryan describes:

You have to use your imagination. You have to think of raps, cool raps that rhyme, or sometimes just think of your emotions, or things about the world.

How songs were recorded

Lyrics were sent to artists, who had just a few weeks to make them into songs, helped by video messages from the young writers.

Watch this video of Ben Folds’ song from the album, with lyrics by Zayd, with a very special guest!

Special thanks to…

Songwriters Rachael Castell, Danilo Walde and all our volunteer writing mentors.

Communion Records – Communion was born in the Summer of 2006 at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club. Founded by Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons), Kevin Jones (Bear’s Den), and acclaimed producer Ian Grimble, it quickly grew into a flourishing community of musicians and fans alike, providing a first independent platform for the freshest young artists on London’s circuit and beyond.

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