Justice: a poem

Posted by theministry on 30th June 2020


Struts across the world,
With lawyers and protesters following close behind.
With her head held high,
You can see the determination in her eyes.
Her voice is demanding.
Her confidence is bold.
She’s the cynosure,
The world’s motivation,
A true inspiration.
A modern day female warrior,
Dressed head to toe in armour of truth.
She stands for all that is good,
Determined to no longer be a victim of lies.
Ready to give her life for the truth,
For ancestors, Peace and Equality.
Her pride is held with her melanin,
Her bravery is held with her cotton locs.
Justice will prevail,
For her heart is pure and her desire to change the afflictions,
Change the world,
Will be sempiternal until fulfilled.
Because Justice lives within us all.

By Kayla, aged 12.

Kayla wrote this poem as part of an online poetry course for young writers at Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools in Tower Hamlets, happening during lockdown.

The poem was inspired by poet Simon Mole’s ‘Favourite Word’ exercise where he suggests using a word to create a character.

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