Tom puts his best foot forward in ace time!

Posted by Volunteer Administrator on 26th April 2018

Meet Tom Avery, Editorial Director at Penguin Random House, who ran the London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April for the Ministry of Stories!

Tom first volunteered at the Ministry of Stories in 2011, not long after it opened. One of his early projects was helping to put together the Ministry’s first collection of stories and poems: Green Wobbly Things Dancing. After a bit of a break, he rejoined the Ministry as a writing mentor in October 2016 as part of Penguin Random House’s three year partnership with the Ministry of Stories. 

When Tom was given a place in the London Marathon, he had the opportunity to choose a charity to run for. The Ministry of Stories “feels like such a unique and amazing space,” Tom said. “Having volunteered there, I’ve seen first-hand the work they do and the impact they have on the lives of children.”

The weather last Sunday was a challenge – this year was officially the hottest London Marathon on record, according to the Met Office. Given that the temperature reached 23.2? C, Tom was pleased with his time of 3:05. “I was very glad to have finished,” he said.

Despite the heat, Tom said that the amount of support from the crowd was incredible. “The London Marathon team was amazing, making sure everyone was stocked up with water and energy drinks,” he added.

This was Tom’s third marathon. Not only has he done the London Marathon before in 2014, he’s also run the Paris Marathon… as part of a (then) world-record 62-person-chain!

A 62-headed creature sounds like the kind of monster that might be lurking behind the door at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies! And speaking of monsters, what monster was Tom channelling as he ran the marathon? “Probably a vampire, because I was desperately trying to stay out of the sun!” Tom concluded.

If you want to help support Tom’s achievement and help him get one step closer to his fundraising target please visit his JustGiving page.

Written by super volunteer, Mara Alperin.

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