Three Cheers for our Volunteers

Posted by theministry on 1st June 2022

We’re saying thank you to our fantastic team for Volunteers Week 2022.

Volunteers are at the centre of everything we do at the Ministry of Stories. Every week they turn up to our centre, to our fantastical shop, to our partner schools and share their time, energy and passion with and for our young writers.


They ensure our customers can buy the Thickest Human Snot and help young people believe in their voice. They wait patiently as a story is unraveled and spend hours helping to fold, stamp and stack finished anthologies.


They also offer their expert, often award-winning, skills in photography, design, retail management and so much more. They lift our brand to new heights, steer us through stormy seas and help us reach new writers every day.


To everyone who has volunteered this year, thank you. You make the Ministry of Stories a truly collaborative, inclusive and generous place for new voices to flourish and brighter futures to be written.


Find out more about volunteering with us at or email at 


This year:
  • Our volunteers dedicated an incredible 1,444 hours of time

  • 101 volunteers stepped through the secret door to mentor

  • 62 new volunteers joined our team

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