The McDonalds burger floated through the vast outer space.

It floated on and on until suddenly it bumped into the planet Sackerwack.

Terrified, a small frog called Ribbit rubbed his back in pain.

Because the evil Mr Pork Chops threw a piece of pork at him.

Looking at the pork chop he took a little bite of it and passed out.

Somewhere Ribbit knew that evil was at work. Mr Pork Chops was plotting to take over the world.

Meanwhile Mr Pork Chops was perfecting his new flavour of pass-out pork chops.

While he was doing that Mr Ribbit was dreaming of his only dream – having a friend.

Suddenly Mr Pork Chop thought of a really good flavour – asparagus and spaghetti bolognaise!

And then threw it out of the window, wondering who would find it?