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Primary schools

Our programmes help even the most reluctant writers pick up a pen and tell their story in their own words.

We work with schools in two ways

A stack of books, including the Lion Tamer by Claud Face

Off-the-shelf Projects

Ready-to-go writing workshops and set projects.

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Bespoke Projects

Writer-led projects tailored to your needs.


Fun. Impactful. Inspiring.



Cost: £300 £150 for a two-hour session, on site at Ministry of Stories, for up to 30 students.

  • Story Making  – our flagship writing workshop taking young people from blank page to published author in just two hours.
  • Gothic Fiction – students enter the world of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and are guided through writing their own tale of gothic horror.
  • Comic books – the art of visual storytelling, creating narratives through words and pictures.
  • Rebel Girls – inspired by the best-selling book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, students write stories about their own female heroes.


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complement the curriculum


Costs: £150 per session (plus planning and materials), typically delivered over 10 sessions per group

  • Poetry & Performance  – introduces young writers to a range of poetic forms and techniques to help them express who they are and what is important to them.
  • Fictional Diary Writing – uses the form of the diary to help writers create characters and write great stories.
  • Stories Based on the Real World explores the real world through stories, poems, monologues and journalism. 
  • Sketch Comedy explores what’s funny and why, and introduces pupils to the techniques of comedy writing.
  • Ancient Kingdoms  – explores the cultural heritage of Asia and Africa through poetry, letters and stories.
  • Miniature Peopletakes inspiration from miniature characters throughout literature to help your writers create new tiny characters and imagine their lives in a human-sized world.

Set projects can be delivered in an intensive block, regular weekly or fortnightly sessions during the term, either in school time, or out of school hours. They can also be delivered with whole class groups, or targeted learners.


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Bespoke projects

Custom projects designed to deliver


We’ll work with you to set a brief, then design and programme a bespoke writer-led project that responds to your needs.

A project might come from a school improvement priority, a challenge your school is facing, or just the beginnings of a great idea that you feel needs exploring.

We’ll help you shape your ideas into an inspiring programme with impactful results.

Costs: £300 per day / £150 per half day (plus planning and materials). Costs are based on the shape and size of your project, or can be scaled to the size of your budget.

Bespoke project themes might include:

  • Curriculum programmes – bringing the curriculum to life
  • Literacy interventions and boosters – from supporting reluctant writers to reaching greater depth
  • Writers in residence – creating a school-wide culture of writing
  • PPA / Creative Cover – creative approaches and specialist staffing
  • After school and holiday clubs – enriching classroom learning
  • Staff meetings and CPD (£300 per session) – Supporting teachers to embed creative skills and approaches in the classroom 
  • High quality final outcomes – producing professional publications, anthologies and publishing children’s writing
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