Monster Wanderlust

Posted by theministry on 1st July 2020

This term intrepid young writers attending our community clubs and St. John the Baptist School are examining international monsters.

Over the coming weeks, the children and young people will be working to collate a wealth of travel advice for globetrotting monsters, including what to pack, important travel tips, must-see sites and monster-friendly hotels, as well as exploring the local fashion, customs and food.

Our young writers will delve into the Who’s Who of international creatures such as the riddling half-zombie half-vampire Indian monster Vetala and the amphibious trouble-making Kappa from Japan, ensuring that even the most inexperienced traveller is up-to-date on the local etiquette.

In addition to working with our team of professional writers and volunteer writing mentors to create poetry, short stories and travel writing, our young people will work with illustrators to bring the monsters to life. Suitable for both the armchair explorer or the most seasoned traveller (and their bag carriers), the results will be published next spring in a series of four guides focussing on Asia, Australasia, the Americas and Africa, the latest in our Awfully Bad Guides series.

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