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(Word) Classy Starter Games

Looking for some quick, resource-light ways to revise a word class you’ve learnt? Try these ‘guess the word’ games for adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

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The adjective game

This one is a bit like I-Spy. A child thinks of something they can see in the room, and describes it with different adjectives (or prepositional phrases if they are feeling ambitious), until their classmates guess what it is.

For example: if the word was ‘window’, the clues could be: ‘smooth’, ‘glassy’, ‘cold’, ‘colourless’, ‘transparent’…

If you particularly want the class to practice adjectives that describe people, children to do the same guessing game, but based on celebrities. Or a teacher from your school, if you’re brave…


The verb game

Give one of the children a verb (or one from a list of verbs created by the class) to act out. The rest of the class should try and work out which verb it is. This could be also be a useful way to draw attention to the differences between near synonyms – are they running, sprinting or jogging?


The adverb game

This time, give the volunteering child an adverb. Other children can give suggestions of verbs for them to act out – in the style of the adverb, which everyone then has to guess. This could also be a way to introduce adverbials, as phrases or clauses that do the same things as individual adverbs.


Age range: Key stage 1-2
Time: 10 minute starter