Announcing Raconteur as our new corporate partner

Posted by theministry on 7th February 2023

We’re excited to announce that Raconteur has become our newest corporate partner.

Raconteur are company of skilled storytellers, who believe in the power of the written word and are motivated to publish excellent content, professionally produced and beautifully designed. Remind you of anyone?

We were thrilled when they approached us to become their charity partner last autumn, and over the next year, we will be working closely together to support our young people to write a brighter future for themselves, through their staff fundraising, volunteering and pro bono support.

Raconteur have also committed to helping us raise awareness and much needed funds to support our young writers and keep our Community Writing Labs free to all.

Straight off the bat, the team got stuck in and were our first corporate partner to take on our Monster Month fundraising challenge. Organising everything in teams from a Cyclops spin class, through to a spooky bake sale, they also lent us their claws, paws and howls and took part in our first Monster March to the City of London. Their worst Christmas jumper wearer last winter also received a Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Lump of Coal – Bah! Humbug!


David Kells, Director of Partnerships said; “When we came across Ministry of Stories, the charity committee at Raconteur were desperate to find out more. On the surface, the concept behind the charity is so unique and creative, but when you meet the team and get to understand how important the work is, it’s truly inspiring.”

He added: “As a publisher we’ve worked hard to champion diverse writers across the spectrum of B2B journalism – so we felt a close bond with mission behind Ministry of Stories, to help bring forward children’s imagination and confidence in storytelling. From working with the Ministry of Stories team, the business has a greater understanding of the positive impact creativity has on the future of children from underprivileged areas. The team at Ministry of Stories team are fun and easy to work with and Raconteur is enjoying having one charity partner that they can get to understand and collaborate with strategically.”

Here’s to a year of fun, fundraising and working together for the benefit of our young writers.

Interested in becoming one of our corporate partners? Find out more today!

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