Now we are six

Posted by theministry on 3rd November 2016

We celebrate another year in writing. What a year it’s been! From monsters to flying cars via punctuation, we’ve had a great time taking fun seriously.

Monster Monologues

Michelin star witch

Michelin star witch

We set out to prove children could be just as funny, if not funnier, than adults with the students from Mossbourne Community School, Hackney. After exploring the art of comic script-craft, the young writers developed their own original comic monologues. Each of these told the tale of a misunderstood monster, including a vampire housewife and mother, and teenage werewolf vlogger. The scripts were turned into short films by professional directors, performers and crew.

Watch them here


Paris, City of Letters

Paris, City of Letters

Can stories and animations make learning grammar more interesting and accessible? That’s the question we asked our out-of-school groups and they answered with their collection of playful ‘Grammarmations’ videos. So, if you’re confused about commas or anxious about adjectives Rhinocedactyl, Mr Fuller and other characters created by our imaginative young writers are here to help.

Hoxton Museum of the Future


We ran a year of projects encouraging young people to engage with the imaginative potential of the future. The workshops offered them a wide range of creative starting points, but also gave them the skills and support to develop their own ideas. The projects culminated in the creation of a physical Hoxton Museum of the Future hosted at 100Years Gallery.Our young writers curated the museum which featured sections that included a time travelling toilet and a recorded rap battle between two whales.

Explore the museum.

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