Letters from our young writers

Posted by theministry on 22nd June 2021

We asked our young writers to pen short fan mail letters for National Writing Day 2021. They chose to write to their friends and family.


Letters from our young writers

Dear Biko,

You are a hero because you help me when I am down and teach me new things.

You are like a friend hospital. You are an intelligent person.

You should be King. You love to laugh and be silly things and are very good at football. And (very!!) fast!

Hopefully I will see you again.



Letters from our young writers 1

Dear Thy-Anh,

You are my best friend because you always care for me when I hurt myself and when I am down, you cheer me up.

When we pranked Esa is made me laugh, it was soooooo funny.




Letters from our young writers 2


Dear Mum,

You don’t get enough credit. Even I didn’t think of giving you any! You always know when and how to act cool and never embarrass me. I love it when you cook with Dad. He deserves credit.

Love you the most,





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