Introducing ‘The Magical Ministry of Stories’: a podcast by children

Posted by theministry on 22nd May 2017

If you’re a podcast fan looking for a new radio treat to stream, have a listen to ‘The Magical Ministry of Stories’. It’s a podcast created and performed by 7-10 year olds in our Tuesday after-school club, and it’s brimming with stories, jokes and interviews.

In our very first episode, our young performers explore all things musical. Find out which 90s TV rapper is our club favourite, and hear the first installment of a love story between two very different musical instruments.

Next, we bring you a podcast all about animals. From a hilarious interview of a monster with two disagreeing heads to rib-tickling animal jokes, enjoy our writing about all things furry, scaly and feathery.

For the last episode, of course, we return to stories – it’s what the Ministry of Stories is all about, after all! The children talk about their favourite authors and tell a tale of adventurers getting sucked into a computer game.

Finally, as a special bonus, have a listen to our Live Show from April, when the Tuesday club performed a sample of their writing to their parents.

These four podcasts were created by 18 children on Tuesdays after school at the Ministry of Stories and St John’s Church, Hoxton. For inspiration, the group listened to a range of podcasts showcasing children’s ideas. They agreed with the child reviewers in the ‘Book Club for Kids’, heard a 13-year-old interview his heroes on ‘The Mutant Season’ and enjoyed stories written by children in the ‘500 words’ and ‘Story Pirates’ podcasts.

Brimming with ideas, the children devised their podcast by choosing the topics that interested them and the type of writing they wanted to develop, with particular excitement about stories and interviews. They even managed to persuade one brave teacher, Mr Spawton-Rice from St Monica’s Primary to face a grilling from children in his class.

As in all our projects, a team of volunteer writing mentors supported the children throughout their podcast writing and recording. Expert podcast producer Matt Hill of rethink audio has kindly mixed the audio for us, so now the podcasts are ready for you to enjoy.

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