Imagination Ambassador Hornby on BBC Radio 4

Posted by theministry on 27th November 2010

For those of you tucked up in bed this blustery morning reading your favourite stories, you may not have been tuned into the radio.

Our very own Imagination Ambassador was live over the BBC wire giving a full rendition of all his good work over here at the Ministry of Stories.

The Chief Minister had a listen over his morning cup of Earl Grey and thought you would all fancy to listen as well.

Fortunately Minister 3.0 pointed out that you can easily hear it again through the internet. What a pleasant surprise! So for those of you who have internet, you can listen here:

Do let us know what you think. We love a bit of a chat when it’s cold out. Inside the ministry, it’s so much warmer.

Yours in Technicolour,
The Minister of Moving Pictures & Radio Waves

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