Frightfully Good Festive Gifts

Posted by Kirsty Telford on 8th December 2023

Support our young writers and have the best stocking stuffers on the street from our store, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. 

Spread some cheer and know you’re doing good when you shop at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. From No Rest for the Wicked biscuits to a Lump o’ Coal at the bottom of your stocking, we’ve got all you need to make your family smile this festive season.

  • Bah! Humbugs – Rid any feelings of joy and goodwill with just one Bah! Humbug.
  • Lump O’ Coal – A single lump of coal; no stocking is complete without one. Also works as a soap, but we strongly advise against any kind of bathing.
  • Petrified Mice – Succulent mice, frozen quite solid. Perfect for gnawing, nibbling and sharpening fangs.
  • No Rest for the Wicked Biscuit – Only for the most wicked among us. Can be proudly hung on your tree and then gobbled heartily.
  • Shadow Sauce – Our newest addition to the condiment section. This thick, sweet and gloopy sauce is great with charred flesh. Warning; Not suitable for Vampires, contains garlic.
  • Scented Candles – Light one of our brand new candles and instantly recreate the atmosphere of Dr. Jekyll’s Study or  Mr. Hyde’s Madness.
  • Roach-in-a-Soap – An alternative to the classic soap-on-a-rope. Lather up and be rewarded with a cockroach friend at the end.
  • Mermaid Eggs – Add one egg to any potion for an optimal burst of fizzing energy. Also good in baths…
  • Pocket Sized Pencils – For the larger-handed Being. Fits perfectly into a pocket or scaly pouch.
  • Fairy Dust – For a tiny bit of mischief. One pinch of dust goes a very long way…

Head over to to discover these and lots more imaginative and creative gifts. Every purchase helps keep our writing programmes free for local children.

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