Brilliant Books Quiz Fundraiser

Posted by theministry on 21st November 2023

Celebrate our 13th birthday and try out our brand new quiz with your friends and family. 

This September marks thirteen years since we first opened our doors on Hoxton Street. In that time we have built an escape room; made animations to explore friendship, anger and grief; hung poems in trees; seen our young writers speak in Parliament; made a cinema laugh out loud and much more.

For our next adventure – and to celebrate our transformation into a teenager – we’re launching our very own quiz fundraising pack! 

Our Brilliant Books Quiz Pack contains five rounds of brain scratchers on all things literature. From the Book Smarts general knowledge round to Nick Hornby’s very own question round, our quiz is a great way to support our work. Free to download, the pack includes everything you need to get set up and make your Brilliant Books Quiz a success!

So, do know your Joseph Coelho from your Elle McNicoll? Time to find out. Pens at the ready!

  • How do I host the Brilliant Books Quiz?

We’ve got all you need to host your very own Brilliant Books Quiz and help raise vital funds to keep our writing centre open and FREE for our young people. First step is to download the quiz from our website here. The pack is free to download and has the questions, answers and tips on how to organise the quiz. You can run the quiz at home, at a local venue or your workplace. 

We’d love to know if you’re planning to run an event, so please get in touch at and we can send you the answer sheet. 

  • How do I raise funds with the Brilliant Books Quiz? 

We suggest asking for a small entrance fee for people to join, which you then donate to us at the end of your event. 

The pack also has suggestions on how to increase your fundraising, maybe by offering food and drink at a small cost, or running a bake sale alongside the quiz.  

  • How do I make my donation?

Once you’re ready to make your donation you can either transfer via our Enthuse page, send us a cheque or bring your collection into the Ministry of Stories and we’ll sort it out for you!

Every penny that’s raised from our Brilliant Books Quiz goes right back into our work at our writing centre. We’ve got some amazing projects coming up that’ll let our young writer’s imaginations take them to some exciting, creative, ambitious and confident places – and every penny raised from our quiz will go directly towards ensuring that these projects will remain free of charge for every single young person. 

Need some help or would like to find out more? Email 

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