Posted by theministry on 10th October 2018

We’re launching Anemotions for World Mental Health Day, to help young people write, discuss and share their emotions.

How can you find the courage to stand up to bullies? How do friends help you when you’re feeling sad? This summer, when teamed up with leading children’s mental health charity Place2Be and challenged our writing groups to write and create short films about emotions and feelings.

Selina loves to share cookies and laughs with her granny, until tragedy strikes. How will the arrival of a new girl at school change Selina’s life?

The groups responded with a wide range of writing featuring experiences such as jealousy, grief and discrimination

Working with professional animators, the groups then brought these stories to life resulting in a fantastic series of shorts about Rob the corn cob, a young girl who discovers world outside her box for the first time and Bobby who’s courage inspires his friend Jake to stand out from the crowd.

Mateen, age 11, says, “I want other children to watch [my film] so that they can learn not to be ashamed of yourself and we are all human beings.”

Miharbi is so angry he can explode at any time. Then one day it’s him being shouted at for a change. How will he feel when the tables are turned? 

As with all Ministry of Stories project, Anemotions is 100% the voices of our young writers and from today, Place2Be will help share these voices and animations with schools across the UK to help other primary children to discuss their emotions.

See the full set of Anemotions here.

With thanks to our fantastic animators, who volunteered their time for free, to help our young writers write and share their feelings:


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