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Posted by theministry on 20th November 2020

Our word sale is back!

Looking for a unique Christmas gift that makes a real difference? From Abecedarian to Zazzy we’ve got words that make a real difference.

Adopt a word today

How does it work?

  • Pick a one-of-a-kind word from our library of words 
  • Once your word is adopted, it’s yours and no one else can adopt the same word
  • The definition of the word will be included on our new 2020 certificate
  • Gifting to a loved one? Add a personalised message to be delivered with their certificate
  • Receive a personalised certificate, signed by First Minister Nick Hornby with an official ministerial wax seal
  • Your £20 supports the young writers of east London

Word Sale 1

What’s new?

This year we’ve got some cracking new categories for you to explore, from ‘Words to Exclaim’ to ‘Words Added to the Dictionary in 2020’. As well as ‘Words to Win a Game of Scrabble’, ‘Words for Teachers’ and ‘Words for Poets’. You can also request your own word.

Ministry of Stories speakers, photographed by Tom Oldham for the Speak Up project


The power of words

All the money raised from the Word Sale goes back into work with our young people. 

Now, more than ever, young people need to find the words to build new worlds, articulate their hopes and plan their futures. 

We have kept our community writing labs open and free throughout the pandemic, reaching young people in their homes via Zoom; offering a couple of hours each week to put aside their worries and climb into a world of stories, imagination and hope. 

Adopt a word


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