A big tick from the Institute of Education

Posted by theministry on 4th February 2016

Following a three year review by the UCL Institute of Education, we’re happy to report that we officially have a positive impact on creativity, motivation and communication.

For the past three years, we have been working with the team from UCL Institute of Education to see just what impact our work has on our young participants.

Using a unique assessment tool to measure creativity, which  was based on both quantitative and qualitative research, the team assessed our projects, workshops and afterschool clubs. The research approach included scoring against the fundamental principles of young people’s creativity adaptation, originality and value.

The results showed that the work of the Ministry made an important contribution to the creativity and motivation to write in our young people. In particular, we’re really happy that there was strong evidence that our philosophies and ways of working enhanced our young writers’ ‘creativity expressed through writing’.

The research also demonstrated an increase in the creativity of young people involved at the Ministry of Stories in general, but where they attended the Ministry consistently over the three years of study, the research showed a particularly strong increase in creativity in their writing.

Lucy Macnab, Co-Founder says: “The research is a great reflection of our aim to champion the writer in every child. Not only have we been able to see our methods having a positive impact on creativity and motivation, but there’s an indication that our work is having a positive influence on writing attainment in education too. We’ll be hoping to expand on those results in future.”

Nmeso, aged 10, agrees with the findings. Along with growing his imagination and developing his writing, he believes he is calmer and more responsible. As a result, he has moved-up a level in school and even been made Head Boy.

“The Ministry writing club can open your ideas up” says Nmeso “It’s a place where anything you want to write or create, you can. Writing is better than just texting…the way you write can show people how you feel.”

Bridget, Nmeso’s mother, observes how his confidence has grown and appreciates seeing the commitment the Ministry has to helping him: “His confidence has really grown…knowing that if they put their time and energy into something that they can achieve. I’ve benefitted having my son attend the club and seeing the commitment to helping him. It’s helping him with English…he’s now moving up a grade. As a mother, I am really proud of him.”

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