Be fearless in 2016

Posted by theministry on 5th January 2016

Sell supplies to monsters – and the odd human – at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

It was busy period at the end of the last year. We lost a few staff members due to an unannounced giant visit, hug-a-werewolf day and an unfortunate event with a discarded tin of putrid pickled peas. We now need a top-up of volunteers to keep Hoxton’s monstrous creatures stocked with their daily essentials.

As a shopkeeper, you’ll become an expert in products like Banshee Balls, Cubed Earwax and the shop’s range of Tinned Fear. You’ll quickly become accustomed to explaining the origins, concoction, benefits and side effects of products to the shop’s customers, living, dead and undead.

We provide you with lots of opportunities to build customer service, communication and retail skills. References are also available for longer term, dedicated and punctual volunteers.

The shop is open Tuesday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm and Saturday, 11am – 5pm. All profits from the shop go straight back into projects for our young writers.

Interested? Find out more or email our volunteer coordinator to sign-up.


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