Monsters Making a Difference

Posted by theministry on 21st October 2021

Get your Spooking Season essentials from our fantastical store Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and support our young writers this October.


Throwing a Halloween party? Looking to wow your little monsters? Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has all you need. From Edible Eyeballs and Thickest Human Snot to brand new Common Toads and Bloody Ketchup, these monstrous essentials promise to impress your fiends. 


This month, there is also a 10% discount on all products in store and online (use code SNOT2021 at the checkout). As always, every penny spent in the shop goes back straight back into our writing projects, helping young Londoners to grow in confidence and creativity.


A jar of biscuits that look like flattened green and blue eyeballs

Edible Eyeballs

A varied range of dried and flattened eyeballs. Great for dunking in all manner of brews.


A old fashioned glass jar with thick, yellow Human Snot inside, which looks and tastes a bit like Lemon Curd.

Thickest Human Snot

The ultimate delicacy at any self-respecting monster’s table. Our free-range snivelling humans are fed on a diet of milk and misery for the very thickest snot.

A very handsome Common Toad (Note for Humans: These toads taste a lot like chocolate)

Common Toad

Caught on the banks of the river Thames at midnight, these slimy toads are good for licking and nibbling.

A short, round tin wrapped in black paper which reads 'Creeping Dread'

Tinned Fear – Creeping Dread

A perspicacious yet plausible remedy that prevents all sense of relaxation. Acts gently and promptly upon the Mind and Emotions. Likely to induce visions of Ghouls, Bogeymen, and things that go BUMP! in the night.

Part of our range of Tinned Fear, specifically tailored for children. Buy the full set of Tinned Fear.


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