Ministry of Stories goes to Number 10

Posted by theministry on 24th November 2010

Today we have a very special report from Ministerial Director Lucy Macnab, who joined the Ministers on their visit to other ministries yesterday.

As she says all that could be said about their adventures there, here is the report in full.

Well it’s been quite a week. We opened our doors just this weekend in Hoxton Street, and yesterday the Prime Minister hosted a party at 10 Downing Street to mark the launch of Ministry of Stories. It was a monstrous tea party, with Severed Fingers (little sausages) and Human Snot Tart to eat, and Green Dragon’s Blood to drink, and the guests were given their own monster nickname, invented for them by our 8 Junior Story Ministers from Burbage Primary School.

Mine was Charming Ms Enchanted-Elbows, in case you’re interested. Among the filmstars, philanthropists and other guests, we were pleased to mingle with Clever Doctor Fiery-Feet, Amazing Mrs Hairy-Toes and Cunning Mr Slimy Fingers. (We won’t tell you which of these was the Prime Minister.)

David Cameron said, “This is a really exciting and innovative model for out of school learning that combines opportunity with creativity and volunteers with young people who will really benefit from their skills and talents.”

We presented him with a bag of shopping from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, and we hear that the Prime Minister’s children are enjoying the jar of snot already.

Nick Hornby also spoke, and as well as making us all laugh, was inspirational about how we could get the Ministry of Stories off the ground in Hoxton. He called on people in the room to help, and we hope we have recruited some new ambassadors for our story cause.

A whole cohort of Story Ministers attended, including our lovely Advisory Panel Members Dominic Cooper, Laura Dockrill, Linda Thompson, Charlie Leadbeater, David Nicholls and Rohan Silva, our volunteer writing mentors Corinne, Martin and Matt, teachers Mr Englebert and Ms Savvides and Wendy, Bea and Melissa who helped to organise the fun.

It’s not everyday you get invited for tea at 10 Downing Street, and yesterday was pretty special. But it’s good to be back at our favourite address – 159 Hoxton Street, with the monsters and you. Come by sometime and we’ll tell you all about it.

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