London Landmarks

Posted by theministry on 15th May 2024

Did you know that the London Eye was actually made out of a giant’s real eye?

The sun is out and which can only mean one thing, our London Landmarks project has hit the city. 

This term, our young writers will be busy creating a whole range of fun, imaginative and alternative audio tours to guide you round the capital. Taking in the sites of Big Ben, the London Eye and the ‘walkie talkie’ building at Fenchurch Street, treating listeners to a different perspective of London life. 

Each final piece will include writing from across our five Community Writing Labs, aged 6-15, and will be recorded by actors and professionally edited, ready to be launched at a listening party in October and then released across all well known streaming platforms. 

Did you know?

‘Did you know’ is one of our writing prompts that helps our young writers think up some excellent alternative London truths! Read Issac’s London editions below. 

Did you know that the tunnels under London were home to intergalactic aliens from Venus? These green four-eyed creatures came to destroy London. But when the military found them, they quickly flew away. But there have been recent sightings of UFOs flying over London. Who knows? They could still be out there…

Did you know that the London Eye was actually made out of a giant’s real eye?  In 1943, a giant cyclops came to London. After several attempts, the army defeated the one-eyed cyclops. They thought the eye looked cool, so they moved the cyclops and built a landmark there.

Did you know that there was a monster in the River Thames? Reports showed that this creature has a long neck, streamlined snout, and flippers. This also solves the mystery of why people are not allowed to swim in the river Thames.

Did you know that the walkie talkie was actually the giant’s walkie talkie? Yes, the giant that gave the idea of the London Eye. It was about to call its friends. But the army killed it before it could. But nobody knows if the giants are still out there…

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Thank you to all of our London Landmark funders: Arts Council England, City Bridge Foundation, Fagus Anstruther Memorial Trust, Lightbulb Trust, New Philanthropy for Arts and Culture (NPAC), Rachel Hood 1978 Trust, Tom ap Rhys Price Memorial Trust, Mayor of London's Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).
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