How monsters keep house

Posted by theministry on 8th November 2011

The monster world can breathe again because a new Awfully Bad Guide to Monster Housekeeping has been published.

The original Guide was tragically burnt to a cinder by someone’s pet dragon, and so the Ministry found a host of people to help recreate this vital work of monstrous wisdom.

150 local primary school children, five very talented poets (Laura Dockrill, Ross Sutherland, Charlie Dark, Polarbear and Naomi Woddis) and five leading children’s book illustrators (Alexis Deacon, Katie Cleminson, Nadia Shireen, Chris Wormell and Hannah Shaw) have worked in teams to create a new up-to-date version of the book, with sections on Fashion and Grooming, the Alphabet, Food and Recipes, Home and Recreation and those all important tips for correct monster Etiquette.

With help from generous donors who helped print the guide (see below), these four little books now make up the all-new Awfully Bad Guide to Monster Housekeeping, ready for a new generation of little (and big) monsters to enjoy.

The book was launched at Hoxton Hall with readings, ghastly food and drink, and great pride.

Priced £3 per volume, or £10 for the set, and containing a wealth of activities for young readers to try themselves, these desirable books are available to be delivered to your lair, cave or dungeon from

And all proceeds support more writing workshops with young people in east London.

how monsters keep house (photo: Miriam Douglas)

how monsters keep house (photo: Miriam Douglas)

how monsters keep house (photo: Miriam Douglas)

how monsters keep house (photo: Miriam Douglas)


Grateful thanks go to all our donors who helped to print the books:

Alison Ismail, Andrea MacDonald, Andy Smart, Brian Macken, Caitlin Sinclair, Cherie Huang, Chris Gribble, Ed Whiting, Erika Harris, Fiona Walsh, Hugh Murray, Ilka Gleibs, Jay Crossland, Jill Payne, Jud Hoff, Kaihaan Jamshidi, Kim Curran, Kristina Knoll, Laura Hinde, Lauren Buckland, Louise Hickman, Lucy Ismail, Lucy Macnab, Mary Berry, Mary Cook, Maureen Stapleton, Monique Wong, Naomi Miller, Naomi Wynter-Vincent, Neil Fox, Patricia Godfrey, Paula Hines, Rachel Malham, Richard Bold, Ruth Knowles, Sarah Macnab, Steve Arscott, Stewart Nolan, Stuart Taberner, Toby Smith, Will Hill, Zane Amiralis.

We salute you!

Thanks also to Miriam Douglas for photographing the launch. More pictures can be found on our flickr page.

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