One story, many endings

Posted by theministry on 6th July 2015

Write for a Bright Future is the first international gathering of organisations and projects that have been inspired by 826 centres in the United States.

Ministry of Stories is delighted to be hosting the event, which will be led in part by children from its writing clubs. There are 26 sessions over 4 days, which will be attended by over 150 delegates and guests.

The range of content includes presentations, workshops, panel discussions, a walking tour, a literary battle and the launch of a book contributed to by over 200 children from across the world.

Stay tuned to our social media for inspirational content and discussion from the conference floor. The following writing centres are attending:

Berättarministeriet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Fighting Words Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Fighting Words Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Fundación Cientouno, Santiago, Chile.

Gabinete de Historias, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Grimm & Co, Rotherham, England.

Hygge Factory, Copenhagen, Denmark

Labo des Histoires, Paris, France.

La grande Fabbrica delle Parole, Milan, Italy.

Little Green Pig, Brighton, England.

Ministry of Stories, London, England.

Noordjes Kinderkunst, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Porto delle Storie, Florence, Italy.

Story Planet, Toronto, Canada.

Sydney Story Factory, Australia.

Vox Prima, Barcelona, Spain.

100 Story Building, Melbourne, Australia.

826 National, United States

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