A unique way to support Ministry of Stories

Posted by Lottie Rugg-Easey on 20th May 2020


Image of Brain Food in front of Bride place setting

Brain food for a bride

One of our wonderful volunteers chose a unique way to support Ministry of Stories. Emma Durgan, who has volunteered as a Writing Mentor with Saturday Writing Labs since 2017, gifted all the guests at her wedding some Monster Supplies as wedding favours!

A unique way to support Ministry of Stories 3

Toasted bone chunks

Emma said “I chose Monster Supplies as wedding favours because I volunteer with the Ministry and it seemed like a lovely personal touch. What’s more, they’re packaged beautifully and mouth-wateringly delicious, tickling the taste buds of all the monster (and occasional human) guests.”

A unique way to support Ministry of Stories 4

Earwax – a perfect wedding breakfast accompaniment

What a lovely way to support young writers on your special day and bring a bit of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies’ wry sense of humour and magic to the (very beautiful) tables.

Thank you Emma and congratulations!

Due to an unfortunate curse, all proceeds from sales of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies support the young writers scribbling away behind a secret door in the shop. Shop now and support Ministry of Stories.


Photos by Meltem Salb.
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