Win two tickets to Letters Live

Posted by theministry on 23rd September 2016

We’re celebrating the return of Letters Live with the chance to win two tickets to the Wednesday night performance on 05 October.

Sharpen your pencils and ready your keyboards as we are offering two tickets to Letters Live to the best 140 character letter opening sent to us on Twitter or Facebook.

Write us a cracking opening line following the guidelines below and we’ll pick our favourite to receive two tickets to a brilliant night of performances and storytelling.

Your letter can be to anyone about anything. Dead, alive or imaginary. Let your imaginations run wild, but please remember your words might be read by children.

How to enter


They often say you have to get your readers interested in the first sentence. Explore a selection of some of our favourite letter openings to get your creative juices flowing:

“Dear Lizzie. Hello, it’s Mummy. I’m dead. Sorry about that.” Caitlin Moran

“Dear Laurence, thank you for your gorgeous and charming letter, you brighten up my dim life.” Iggy Pop

“You always said, “Dear, let’s live together until our hair turns gray and die on the same day.” How could you pass away without me?” A woman to her husband

Letters Live events see remarkable letters read by a diverse array of outstanding performers including  Matt Berry, Omid Djalili, Gillian Anderson,  Michael Palin and Juliet Stevenson.

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