Welcome to the Ministry …

Posted by theministry on 5th March 2015

On Saturday 1st March we opened the door to the Ministry to families from Hoxton.

It was an opportunity for parents to see what really happens behind the secret door in Hoxton Street Monster Supplies whilst taking part in some activities and meeting the people who work at the Ministry of Stories.

It was wonderful to greet some new faces and welcome back some old friends who hadn’t visited for a while.

As you can see from the size of the handprints we were joined by people of all ages who each had exciting stories to tell.

Welcome to the Ministry

There was plenty to do; jigsaws were completed, pictures were drawn and stories were written and read. Biscuits were eaten, tea was drunk and new friends were made.

The afternoon was accompanied by the fantastic DJ skills of Kevin, Abraham and Carlos. They pleased the crowd by repeating Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” at least six times, summing up the sunny, lively atmosphere.

Kevin’s mum commented on how lovely it was to see people being “chatting and being good neighbours” and we completely agree!

Thank you to everyone who came along, we really hope you can make it to the next event. Watch this space for the details.

Welcome to the Ministry

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