Walk and Write

Posted by theministry on 16th May 2023

We’re celebrating Walk to School week with three word games you can play as you stroll.

Stay active, have fun and help the environment by walking to school this week! We’ve got three games you can play along the way to get your imagination flowing, ready for the day ahead.

  1. I’ve Got the Rhythm

Players take turns to challenge each other to think of a rhyme, always starting with the words, “I’ve got the rhythm and the rhythm is…” If playing in pairs, the person to go second should find a rhyme for the word player 1 gave, then set a new challenge to pass the game back.


Player 1: I’ve got the rhythm and the rhythm is red.

Player 2: I’ve got the rhythm and the rhythm’s in your head. I’ve got the rhythm and the rhythm is funny.

Player 1: I’ve got the rhythm and the rhythm loves honey. I’ve got the rhythm and… etc.

  1. 2. Fortunately / Unfortunately

Players take turns to tell a story, adding a sentence or two each before passing to the next person. This can be done by taking turns in a circle or back and forth as a pair. Before each contribution, the player must say ‘fortunately’ or ‘unfortunately’, making sure these words alternate. 


Player 1: I went to the park today.

Player 2: Fortunately, it was sunny.

Player 1: Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to put suntan lotion on.

Player 2: Fortunately, I was wearing a sombrero. 

Player 1: Unfortunately a bird started nesting in it…

  1. 3. Alphabet Lists:

Players agree on a category. This can be simple, such as ‘things you buy at the market’ or more imaginative, such as ‘things you find in a dragon’s cave.’ They then take turns to work through the alphabet, thinking of an appropriate item for each letter. To make it harder, this can be played as a memory game where each player has to list all the items before adding the next one. 

Things you buy at the market: Apples, bread, cardigan, doughnuts, elephants… etc.


Have fun stretching your imaginations and your legs!

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