Top five gifts for little monsters’ stockings

Posted by theministry on 11th December 2021

Shop unique and imaginative gifts at our fantastical store Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.


Discover our range of festive gifts from Dragon Treasure to After Moonlight Coffee. The profit from every purchase comes right back into creating exciting projects for our young writers.


1. Dragon Treasure


Gold chocolate coins spill out from a brown hessian bag

Dragon Treasure 

Add to your hoard. Definitely not for sharing. Shiny exterior with a centre that tastes a lot like chocolate…

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A long, clear plastic tube filled with white imitation snow, sealed with a brown cork. A black label hangs on hessian string and reads 'Instant Snow'.

2. Instant Snow

Instant Snow

Bring the Himalayas with you.  A perfect gift for the Yeti or Abominable Snowperson in your life.

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3. After Moonlight

A black foil coffee bag with After Moonlight written in bold yellow letters across the front

After Moonlight 

Pure caffeine roasted for lycanthropes and werewolves. The perfect post-transformation pick-me-up.

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4. Lump of Coal

A black, shiny bar of soap in the shape of coal sits alongside brown wrapping paper, tied with string and black tag that reads 'Lump of Coal'

Lump of Coal

A lump of coal for your stocking. Gives off a pungent aroma of cocoa and log fires. Can be used as a soap, however we suggest approaching any kind of bathing with caution.

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5. Greeting Card


An illustration of monsters skating alongside young writers on a frozen pond in Shoreditch Park.

Greeting Card

Freshly designed for 2021, this card features young writers ice skating with some of our more infamous customers.  Available as a single card or in a set of twelve.

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